STRUKTURE is an innovative and exciting approach to facial aesthetics for MEN and WOMEN. 

We recognise the changes in popular culture, such as social media and welcome the benefits they bring.  But we also recognise the heightened pressures felt by our patients.

Dr Euan devised the STRUKTURE approach to medical aesthetics. The approach puts the patient at the centre. The three-step programme focuses on excellent communication, thorough treatment planning and exceptional technical skills to deliver predictable and safe results. It focuses on empowering the patient to make choices on their treatment. It celebrates our flaws and aims to smooth out our insecurities.

The STRUKTURE approach works on the following set of principles:

1. Listen

2. Assess

3. Action

1. Listen

Aesthetic medicine exists to boost your confidence and self-esteem. 


Usually, a patient will present to their aesthetic doctor because they attribute a certain negative emotion to their appearance. 

The first step of any successful treatment is when your doctor takes the time to listen to you. Your concerns are decoded and the doctor should understand your point of view.

2. Assess

Once the time has been taken to listen to your views, you and your doctor should then be completely on the same page, ready to assess the face and form your "Treatment Strukture".

3. Action

Once the decision has been made to treat, we recognise that this can be daunting for some, especially if this is your first experience of aesthetic medicine.

Rest-assured that we strive to make all treatments as pain-free and comfortable as possible.

As medical professionals we have the ability and skills to give local anaesthesia as required for your comfort.


We have impeccably high standards and will only use the highest quality products which have been rigorously clinically trialled and proven to be safe.  We will never compromise on quality.

After treatment you will receive all post-op advice, follow-up and care as necessary.

Dr Euan designed and trademarked

"The Strukture" as a useful tool to guide the treatment planning process.

Together, patient and doctor highlight the necessary treatment zones.

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